Name Class Alignment Location
Aerie Cleric/Mage Lawful Good Waukeen’s Promenade
Anomen Fighter/Cleric Lawful Neutral Slums
Cernd Shapeshifter True Neutral Trademeet
Dorn Blackguard Neutral Evil Temple District
Edwin Conjurer Lawful Evil Docks
Haer’Dalis Blade Chaotic Neutral Bridge / Temple District
Hexxat Thief Neutral Evil Slums / Graveyard
Imoen Mage/Thief Neutral Good first area
Jaheira Fighter/Druid True Neutral first area
Jan Illusionist/Thief Chaotic Neutral Government District
Keldorn Inquisitor Lawful Good Temple District sewers
Korgan Berserker Chaotic Evil Slums
Mazzy Fighter Lawful Good Temple Ruins
Minsc Ranger Chaotic Good first area
Nalia Mage/Thief Chaotic Good Slums
Neera Wild Mage Chaotic Neutral Bridge / Wild Forest
Rasaad Sun Soul Monk Lawful Good Trademeet
Sarevok Fighter Chaotic Evil Throne of Bhaal
Valygar Stalker Neutral Good Umar Hills
Viconia Cleric Neutral Evil Government District
Yoshimo Bounty Hunter True Neutral second area


Merchants with high quality wares


Lich in City Gates Tavern

Requires Priest who can cast level 7 spells.

  1. Priest: prepare Sol’s Searing Orb in tavern
  2. Priest: enter lich room and quickly throw the orb before it raises its defenses (may require multiple tries)
  3. Priest: cast Sunray (may require multiple tries)

Benefit: loot contains the Daystar sword which has a Sunray charge as well.


Requires Yoshimo (or two other thieves), a Priest, a Mage, the Daystar sword, the Ring of the Ram and a Scroll of Protection from Undead for each party member.

  1. Thief: set one trap directly in front of the tomb
  2. open the tomb
  3. Priest and wearer of Daystar: cast Sunray after the trap has sprung; this should cause enough damage for triggering the transformation
  4. (all) use the Protection from Undead scroll
  5. Mage: cast Blind on the thief
  6. use Ring of the Ram on Kangaxx
  7. Thief: set traps until Kangaxx is destroyed

Thaxll’ssyllia (Shadow Dragon)

Requires two mages and Yoshimo (or two other thieves).

  1. Thief: set traps
  2. all: summon as many creatures as possible
  3. Priest: cast Magic Resistance on dragon (this actually lowers the existing resistance)
  4. Mage 1: prepare Melf’s Minute Meteors
  5. Mage 2: cast Breach on dragon; Priest: cast Doom on dragon
  6. Mage 2: cast Lower Resistance on dragon
  7. Mage 1: throw Melfs Minute Meteors at dragon
  8. Priest: cast Flame Strike at dragon
  9. Mage 2: cast Lower Resistance on dragon
  10. Mages: cast Chromatic Orbs on dragon

Two Silver Dragons (Dorn’s final quest)

  1. Mage: prepare two Spell Triggers: Pierce Magic, Lower Resistance, Feeblemind
  2. all except main character: approach dragons (will not start conversation)
  3. Mage: use Spell Trigger on first dragon
  4. all except main character: attack dragon
  5. repeat #3 and #4 on second dragon