Name Class Alignment Location
Ajantis Paladin Lawful Good N of Friendly Arm
Baeloth Sorcerer Chaotic Evil Larswood
Branwen Priest of Tempus True Neutral Nashkel Carnival
Coran Fighter/Thief Chaotic Good Cloakwood 1
Dorn Blackguard Neutral Evil between Nashkel and Mines
Dynaheir Gnoll Stronghold
Edwin Conjurer Lawful Evil Nashkel
Eldoth Bard Neutral Evil Cloakwood 3
Faldurn Druid True Neutral Cloakwood 3
Garrick Bard Chaotic Neutral Beregost
Imoen Thief Neutral Good first area
Jaheira Fighter/Druid True Neutral Friendly Arm
Kagain Fighter Lawful Evil Beregost
Khalid Fighter Neutral Good Friendly Arm
Kivan Ranger Chaotic Good High Hedge
Minsc Ranger Neutral Good Nashkel
Montaron Fighter/Thief Neutral Evil first area
Neera Wild Mage Chaotic Neutral Beregost
Quayle Cleric/Illusion. Chaotic Neutral Baldur’s Gate bridge
Rasaad Sun Soul Monk Lawful Good Nashkel
Shar-Teel Fighter Chaotic Evil NE of Beregost Temple
Tiax Cleric/Thief Chaotic Evil Baldur’s Gate SW
Viconia Cleric Neutral Evil Peldvale
Yeslick Fighter/Cleric Lawful Good Cloakwood Mines
Xan Enchanter Lawful Neutral Nashkel Mines
Xzar Necromancer Chaotic Evil first area


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