The very first thing to do in Prague should be visiting Koller in order to get the augmentation system reactivated, because the Magpie and other enhancements are very useful when exploring the city.

Do not explore or do other missions while a mission that involves enemies is in progress, otherwise there is a chance to miss the Ghost or Smooth Operator bonuses. For example, even if you enter the Time Machine area and reach Koller while being invisible the whole time it is possible not to get the Ghost bonus if you were just present during the scripted shootout in SM01.

The stealth bonuses forfeit even if you were seen for just a fraction of a second so you might not even notice that you were detected until the end of the mission. To make sure you get the bonuses, try to get very close to the mission goal as soon as possible, create a save game and then complete the mission to make sure the bonus was achieved. Then load the saved game and start neutralizing enemies. From time to time, complete the mission again to see if you would still get the bonus. If so create another save game (in a different slot) and continue, otherwise go back to the previous save. If you have neutralized all enemies and verified that you will get the bonuses do not move the bodies, as this might forfeit the Ghost bonus again due to a bug.

To make more credits in the beginning, do not pick up a weapon that you plan to sell if you already have the same type of weapon in your inventory, since this will result in just picking up its ammo and the actual weapon is lost.

The next thing to do should be buying Point Of Interest infos A and B from Kazatel opposite of the Zelen apartments main entrance. Every visited POI grants additional experience. Then do M4 and SM01 to SM04 in order to get a lot of experience and finally start exploring the city, which is much easier now that you can afford some very useful augmentations. Do not explore the sewers and the Bank and Garage until later, when progressing through SM00 and SM05.

Recommended order of upgrades for a non-lethal stealth character:

The first time the Social Enhancer is really required is the end of SM00, so try to delay this a far as possible.

In Utulek, after finding Tibor in the Narrows, create a save game immediately. There might be a bug that will prevent the Ghost bonus from being granted after completing the Get Tibor’s Key Card and Talk to Lubos objectives. If this happens, go back to that save game and try neutralizing only one of the four cops, then get Tibor’s key card and check if the bonus gets granted now. You might also need to be invisible while traveling from the detention center to the stairs to the marked. If you got the bonus, neutralize the remaining cops and free Dusan to get all bonuses for this objective as well. The bonus for talking to Lubos should also work now, but before doing this speak to Louis Gallois (do not talk about the Dvalis yet) and get his merchandise, then mention the Dvalis and finally go to Lubos. It seems that you now get all the completion bonuses twice, which might be a bug.

Getting the best conversation outcomes

Praxis kits

Selling for the highest price

Hidden apartments in Prague

Revisiting Prague

After M7

After M13

Codes and passwords

Note: while the rewards for hacking are fixed, entering codes and passwords will sometimes yield bonus experience points in addition to the base experience that is based on the hacking difficulty. The exact mechanics behind this are not known. Just check how much you would get for entering a code or password and compare this to the reward for hacking and then use the method that gives the most experience.


Praha South

Zelen Apartments

After M13:

Untested codes:

The Time Machine

Streets and shops

During SM06:

After M13:

Capek Fountain Station

Untested codes:


Note: there is no loot at all in the northern area, only drones shooting civilians, so it should be ignored.

During SM12:

Church of the Machine God (during M11 or after M12)

Praha North

Untested codes:


Some of the computers can only be hacked during later visits. This seems to be randomized.

After M7:

After M13:

Untested codes:

Metro stations

After M7:

After M13:

33 Hlavni Apartments

Libuse Apartments

Chikane’s Place

Streets and shops

During SM05:

After M7:

During SM06:

After M13:

During SM12:

West Sewers

East Sewers

Palisade Property Bank

Note: levels 6 to 3 can only be accessed through the garage. Levels 2 and 1 can only be reached later.

After M7 some locks and computers are locked again while others are not. This seems to vary from playthrough to playthrough. The codes and rewards are the same, though, with the following exceptions:


Ruzicka Station (M5)

Dvali Apartment (after M7)

Theater (after M7)

During M14:

Utulek Complex (Golem City)

Untested codes:


Untested codes:

Apex Centre


Central Security Office

Reception Hall


Meeting Rooms

Exhibition Hall

Untested codes: