Shrines (including Hellfire)

Name Message Effect
Abandoned The Hands Of Men May Be Guided By Fate Dexterity +
Creepy Strength Is Bolstered By Heavenly Faith Strength +
Cryptic Arcane Power Brings Destruction mana restored, Nova
Divine Drink And Be Refreshed 2 rejuvenation rotions, health and mana restored
Eerie Knowledge And Wisdom At The Cost Of Self Magic +
Eldritch Crimson And Azure Becomes As The Sun all potions → rejuvenation
Enchanted Magic Is Not Always What It Seems To Be one spell: -1, all others: +1
Fascinating Intensity Comes At The Cost Of Wisdom max. mana -
Glimmering Mysteries Are Revealed In The Light Of Reason identify all items
Gloomy Those Who Defend Seldom Attack armor: armor class +, weapons: damage -
Glowing Knowledge Is Power Magic +5, experience is reduced
Hidden New Strength Is Forged Through Destruction one item: durability -10, all others: +10
Holy Wherever You Go, There You Are random teleport
Magical While The Spirit Is Vigilant The Body Thrives Mana Shield
Mendicant Give And You Shall Receive half of gold removed, value added to experience
Murphy That Which Can Break Will durability of all weapons halved
Mysterious Some Are Weakened As One Grows Strong three attributes: -1, fourth attribute: +5
Oily That Which Does Not Kill You Dexterity +, small damage taken
Ornate Salvation Comes At The Cost Of Wisdom max. mana -
Quiet The Essence Of Life Flows From Within Vitality +
Religious Time Can Not Dimish The Power Of Steel repair all items
Sacred Energy Comes At The Cost Of Wisdom Charged Bolt +1, max mana -20
Secluded The Way Is Made Clear When Viewing From Above whole map revealed
Shimmering Spiritual Energy Is Restored mana restored
Solar You Feel More Agile / Stronger / Wiser Dexterity / Strength / Magic +
Sparkling Some Experience Is Gained By Touch experience +5000, Life -
Spiritual Riches Abound When Least Expected gold added to all free inventry slots
Spooky Where Avarice Fails, Patience Gains Reward ?
Stone The Powers Of Mana Reforced Renews alle magic staves recharged
Tainted Those Who Are Last May Yet Be First ?
Town There Is No Place Like Home Town Portal
Weird The Sword Of Justice Is Swift And Sharp weapons: damage +