General hints

Important places

Hidden Morden Towers (Finala’s Quest) Northern Greilyn Jungle, north of teleporter
Hidden Morden Tower (Finala’s Quest) Southern Greilyn Jungle, Some Abandoned Ruins west of teleporter
Razka’s Ruins (Deru’s Quest) Southern Greilyn Jungle
Circle of Mushrooms Southern Greilyn Jungle, east of teleporter
Cavern of the Phoenix Lost Valley of the Azunites, near Incantation Shrine
Elven Prison (Arinth) Lost Valley of the Azunites, elevator east of teleporter
Tomb Of Agarrus Azunite Cavern southwest of Western Cliffs of Azunai
Ancient Elven Reliquiary Isterus Cave beyond Western Cliffs of Azunai, elevator in the southwest
Cavern of Earth Temple of Xeria, secret passage near Incantation Shrine
Ancient Elven Reliquiary elevator in valley before bridge leading to Elen’lu Isles
Magru’s House Southern Vai’Lutra Forest (North), north of teleporter
Circle of Mushrooms Southern Vai’Lutra Forest (North), near teleporter
Magru (Lothar’s Quest) Southern Vai’Lutra Forest (North), Watery Cave south of teleporter
Levreth Estate Southern Vai’Lutra Forest (South)
Small Vai’Kesh Cave (Evangeline’s Quest) Vai’Kesh Forest (South), after second bridge
Large Vai’Kesh Cave (Evangeline’s Quest) Arinth’s Ravine, before first bridge
Frozen Vai’Kesh Cave (Deru’s Quest) Arinth’s Ravine, after first bridge
Large Vai’Kesh Cave (Evangeline’s Quest) Arinth’s Ravine, before second bridge
Circle of Mushrooms Garden of the Ancients, north of teleporter
Ancient Elven Reliquiary Snowbrook Valley, east of Incantation Shrine
Stone Tablet Door Snowbrook Grotto, entrance east of Snowbrook Foothills teleporter
Cavern of Frost Snowbrook Haven, Servant’s Quarters
Magical Oasis (Deru’s Quest) Northern Plain of Tears, east of teleporter
A Mysterious Cavern (Sartan’s Quest) Eastern Plain of Tears, east of Incantation Shrine
Circle of Mushrooms Ruins of Okaym, southwest of teleporter
Morden Arsenal (Sartan’s Quest) Ruins of Okaym, northwest of teleporter
Durvla Hatchery (Finala’s Quest) City of Darthrul, east


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