Map markers

Dx: door x
Wx: wall x
Px: plate that affects x
Bx: button that affects x
Lx: lock that opens x
Kx: key for lock x
Ty: Teleporter to y
ty: teleporter target y
↑: to level above
↓: to level below
⤾: party gets rotated


Temple Level 1

Catacombs Level 1

Catacombs Level 2

Catacombs Level 3

Catacombs Level 4

Temple Level 2

Temple Level 3

Temple Level 4

Temple Level 5

Temple Level 6

Temple Level 7

Temple Level 8

Temple Level 9

1 talk to the statue to open D1 2 put all six polished shields on the wall to open D2 3 Stone Dagger Hilt of Talon M* walls either appear or disappear while the party moves through the labyrinth P4* lure Medusas to step on the plate, cast Hold Person and quickly close the doors around the plate P7* stepping on the plate will open a hole that the party falls down into, to Temple Level 8 (see 5 there)

#Temple Level 10

1 Crimson Ring, on Mage 2 alcove converts items into Glass Spheres (three needed in total) 3 click on banner to make a Crimson Ring fall down 4 coin (Mapaj) 5 coin (Shall Rejoice) 6 Ojel, takes coins and gives new coin 7 disc, move them both to the up position, then to the right and buttom to disable the three force fields on 8 8 put Glass Sphere into the hole after the force field has been disabled B1* disables T1, T2, T3 T8* disappears after use T9*, T10, T11, T12* use Crimson Ring on wall L8* use coin W9* get removed after the force fields have been disabled W10* gets removed after all three Glass Spheres have been placed B11* transports party to Temple Level 11

Temple Level 11

1 starting position 2 magical field 3 stepping on this tile will close the door to the east 4 crystal ball 5 Stone Cross 6 Dran Draggore