Converting video and audio data on Linux.

Converting VOB files to xvid

The following command demonstrates the most important parameters:

transcode -i /input/video_ts/ -x vob -o output.avi -y xvid\
    -w 900 -f 25 -b 128 -a 0 -I 5 -j 64,0,56,0 -M 0
-i /input/video_ts/
input file path (if a directory name is provided, then this directory must not contain any non-VOB files)
-x vob
input file type
-o output.avi
output file path and name
-y xvid
output file type
-w 900
video bitrate
-f 25
video frame rate
-b 128
audio bitrate
-a 0
audio track to use (numbered starting with 0)
-I 5
activate the best deinterlacing method
-j 64,0,64,0
remove 64 lines at the top and bottom
-M 0
disable automatic audio-video synchronization (if guessed incorrectly by transcode)

Before transcoding, the xvid quality parameters can be set using the xvid4conf tool and saved as ~/.transcode/xvid4.cfg.

Extracting the audio track of a DVD by chapter

The following command extracts the audio of each DVD chapter as a separate MP3 file.

transcode -i /media/cdrom/ -x dvd -U '$name' -y null,lame -b 96,1
-i /media/cdrom/
use the optical drive as source
-x dvd
source type
-U Name
activate the chapter mode: the resulting files will be named $name-chXX, where XX is the chapter number
-y null,lame
disable video output, set audio encoder
-b 96,1
set audio quality to 96 kBit/s with varible bitrate