Skill distribution

The party consists of four fixed and three recruitable characters, so seven in total.

There are seven ranged weapon skills and three melee weapon skills, as well as 19 non-combat skills. In an ideal party each member would therefore have one of the ranged weapon skills (exclusively), one melee weapon skill, and two to three non-combat skills. At least two party members should have the Field Medic and Surgeon skills. The Brute Force skill should be assigned to a melee fighter because of its perks.

Depending on their Intelligence attribute, characters will get 2 (Int < 4), 3 (Int 5-7), 4 (Int 8-9), or 5 (Int 10) skill points per level.

By the end of the game the characters will be at level 45-50 (the maximum) so everyone will have accumulated between 88 and 245 skill points, plus bonuses e.g. from visiting statues.

Raising a skill from 0 to 10 requires 44 skill points, so an average character can maximize between three and four skills.

Angela Deth can be recruited immediately at the start of the game but will leave at some point in the storyline, so do not invest any non-combat skill points in her (except maybe two in Perception, if nobody in the fixed party has this skill).

Early in the game an additional recruit becomes available, based on a decision to help a certain settlement. Knowing this, you should not select the following skills during party creation:

Skill increases

Junk to keep

Unmarked quest items